Founded in 1947, this family enterprise has always been known for the quality and the variety of its products.

It has been with restless determination that the owners have constantly worked at improving the products which will satisfy the customers needs, by developing new methods of manufacturing, using equipments and products of the latest technology...

During the last few years, the company has concluded a complete program of standardization and size enlargement of all its products. New products, adapted to the actual reality of the trend, such as corrugated fiberboard caskets for cremation, have also been launched. We are proud to show you hereafter, a selection of our most used models. Most styles, covering textiles, interior designs and hardware are interchangeable to create personnalized models to answer your specific needs. Our products are distributed by some of the best distributors and agents in the country. If you are a funeral professional or a distributor looking for a distinctive line of cloth covered caskets, please contact us directly and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your visit.